About Massage

Massage was originally developed to help with both illness and physical injury. While this can still be seen massage techniques have changed in order to help with this healing. Per Henrick Ling developed a number of massage techniques in the 1800’s which are often used today. These include effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement (aka percussion). Effleurage is a technique in which long, light, or firm strokes are used, usually over the spine and back. Fingertip effleurage is a light technique performed with the tips of the fingers in a circular pattern over one part of the body or in long strokes over the back or an extremity. Petrissage also known as skin rolling is described as a movement in massage that involves the lifting of tissues away from underlying structures, with the intention of improving elasticity and stimulating local blood and lymph circulation. Finally tapotement is a type of massage in which the body is tapped in a rhythmic manner with the tips of the fingers or the sides of the hands, using short, rapid, repetitive

Two other techniques to go with Efflurage, Petrissage and Tapotement these are Friction which involves rubbing or pressing on muscles tendons and ligaments. The final technique is vibration this is where the skin is shaken.

Sports massage often favoured by athletes and other sports men and women as this type of massage focuses on preventative and theroputic treaments which can help improve range of movement and it can also help prevent injury. while often favoured by athletes Sports massage can also help those with less active due to the techniques involved for example a office worker who spends 8 hours a day at a desk could benefit from sports massage as it will help loosened off the muscle and get rid of knots that have built up over time.

Sports massage can be used to compliment other treatments such as chiropractor. A sports massage is designed to relax muscle tightness and spasm which will aid the chiropractors correction. If you were to see both a sports therapist and a chiropractor you would see an improvement in posture. Osteopathy is another area in which massage/ sports massage can help a patient with their ailment. Where as a chiropractor mainly focuses on the back an osteopath focuses mainly on joints and muscle tension. Sports massages are often recommended with other treatments due to the nature of sports massage as mentioned they are designed to relax muscle tightness. The reason the muscles become tight is because following repetitive use or injury the connective membrane surrounding the muscle becomes thick and hardens this causes circulation to become impaired and the muscle unable to function properly.