About D.S Sports Massage

My name is David Sears and in June 2016, upon completion of my VTCT level 3 certificate in sports massage, I have decided to set up D.S Sports Massage. One of the first thing that I did upon completion of the level 3 course was to convert my garage into a massage studio. My Studio is large space allowing for easy manoeuvrability allowing the client to relax without be knocked.

For all I have set up this studio I am also able to offer home visits with my portable table for the convenience of my clients who may not drive or simply would prefer to have a massage in the comfort of their own home.

It is a common misconception that sports massage is purely for athletes this is not the case sports massage can benefit anyone from athletes to those who just have general aches and pains and want to feel relaxed

To tell you a bit about myself I come from a sporting back ground there are not many sports I haven’t tried but my main sporting back ground comes from playing initially rugby league but more recently I have moved over to rugby union. I believe that my interest in sport allows me to have a better understanding of the aches and pains that go with each sport. For example with rugby common areas of discomfort are the shoulders, due to the constant impact, the back, due to scrummaging as well as rucking and mauling, and finally the legs due to firstly the obvious running involved but as well as the driving power needed to compete. Golf on the other hand has a lot of issues to do with the swinging of he club the constant use of the shoulder and hip can cause tightness in these areas.