there are two main treatments that are offered firstly sports massage and secondly dry cupping.

Appointments are available in 30, 60 and 90 minute appointments. below is a brief description of what each treatment involves

Sports Massage

sports massage is a great way of easing those aches and pains that come from either sports and exercise or just day to day life. This type of massage is deeper than a “spa” massage which does mean it can be a little more intense and can put some people off however when it come to pressure I am totally guided by you if it is to much or not enough all you need to do is say. A sports massage while potentially uncomfortable at times should not feel unbearably painful.

30 minute massage – £30

A 30 minute massage is great for anyone looking to ease one area for example the legs or the back. alternatively if you are looking to book your first massage this maybe a good one to start.

60 minute massage – £40

With a 60 minute massage you can just concentrate on one area the extra time over the 30 minute massage allows me to focus more on any problem areas alternatively you could also have another area looked at or even a full body massage

90 minute massage – £60

A 90 minute massage is perfect for a full body massage it allows a good amount of time to be spent on each area. there are some client who like the full 90 minutes to be spent on the back. this length of massage would only be advisable if you have had a massage before as it could be a bit much for the first one

Dry cupping

dry cupping is something I am asked about a lot as people are simply unsure about what it does. The first thing that I need to mention is the marks that can be left by the cups. If you are going on holiday, getting married or are going to be doing something which involves having your shoulders, legs etc out and you do not want to have cupping marks I would advise not getting cupping 3 weeks before hand as marks can last up to 21 days.

The idea behind cupping is that it promotes fresh blood flow and healing. The cups are used to draw blood from deep within the muscles that massage may not be able to get to as easily. People often ask if cupping hurts while it looks painful all you will feel is a slight pressure caused by the vacuum in the cup if this does get to much I simply release some of the pressure.

while the cups are on I will do some massage in another area for example if you are having cups on the shoulders and upper back I will massage the lower back and vice versa so with cupping you are getting the best of both worlds

30 minute cupping – £35

60 minute cupping – £45

90 minute cupping – £65

Hot Stone Massage

I am delighted to announce I will now be offering hot stone sports massage all in the comfort of you own home. Hot stone massage is great for getting into the muscles as the heat helps loosen the affected area up much faster than with massage alone allowing better access to knots deep within the muscle.

I have been asked how this is going to work with being fully mobile. I have a case which I can plug into my car while travelling to an appointment which will heat the stones before I get to you. in order to maintain the temperature I will require use of a socket where possible

30 Minute hot stones – £35

60 Minute hot stones – £45

90 Minute hot Stones – £65